we are exclusive agent of TRAPEN company in Middle east and we have a unique system for mill level controlling with the following specifications:

1- We will measure the level of the mill in two different position, we are using electromagnetic fields instead of sound of the mill, this will cause higher accuracy for the measurements.
2- The mill feeding will be automatic
3- The material level of the mill becomes more stable than manual operation
4- The mill capacity can be increase up to clogging point, because we will control the actual and real level continuously , there the level of material can be increased up to clogging point, in this regards we will guaranty that the mill capacity will be increased between 6 to 25 percents.
5- The mill energy consumption will be decreased according to mill capacity increment.
6- The life time of mill internal parts( liners , balls and … ) becomes more, because there is a stable and optimum level of material inside the mill.
7- The changes of material fineness and Blaine become less because we will have more stable level of material in the mill.
8- The training will be done locally and in the plant.
9- The staff training will be done free of charge in the plant.
10- The system won’t be effected by the nearby mills and devices like gear boxes, motors, separator, elevator and …
11-The system can be connect to any control systems, (with or without PLC)
12- The system won’t have any effect on the existing control system.
13- All the signals can be shown on the HMI or recorders
14- For the installation we don’t need to stop the mill.
15- The system is maintenance free.
16- Calibration is only needed at start up or after changing the positions of the sensor.
17- The system will work on every types of the mill, open or close cycle, raw material or cement mill, wet or dry process.
18- The system will give you the new information of the mill inside, like any blockages or … during the mill operation and will decrease long mill stoppages times.
19- The system has 18 months guaranty and 5 years after sales services.
20- We have used our system in our country on more than 30 mills and we have reached to all the above points, also the system have been used in more than 25 mills out of our country.

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system presentation       system data sheet