Namadin Sanat Engineering Company

Namadin Sanat Co. has established in 2002 and it was working in cement industries in the beginning. it has two now departments. The first is technical consulting department and the second is automation. Our Director has more than 30 years of experiences in cement industries and the head of the board has more than 10 year of experiences in automation fields. Our experiences in cement and Steel plants, make us as a well Known Company in Iran. Normally our consulting department , is Consulting steel and Cement plants in upgrading projects, development projects and new plants start ups. In this regards we have consulted biggest steel and cement plants for upgrading projects. Our automation department is working with some famous European and Japanese partners as their exclusive agents in Iran and middle east and has serving cement and steel industries. We have lots of systems working well in almost all cement and steel plants on Iran and we have our well educated service and after sales services. Our new field of working is slag supplying for cement plants. we have been working in this market for about 5 years as a sole supplier of a very special type of slag required by cement producers.